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Organizational Member Exclusive Events

January – November 2022

The Ascend Virtual Workshop series and Excellence Roundtable event provide ASQE Organizational Member Primary, Secondary, and Executive contacts and ASQ Technical Community Member Leaders the opportunity to learn, connect, and discuss the research findings and recommendations from the latest ASQE Insights on Excellence® (IoE) research.

Facilitated in a 90-minute workshop format, each of the five annual Ascend Workshop sessions:

  • Present IoE research insights and proven methods for handling various topics like investing in customer-focused technologies, driving digital literacy from leadership through the workforce, and encouraging continued education and development.
  • Connect organizational best practices with real-world benchmarking results in structured breakout group discussions that provide a unique way for both ASQE and ASQ membership communities to engage and share across industries.
  • Help our members tackle relevant quality issues and problems, further validated by the IoE research findings.
  • Provide attendees with exclusive portal access to download topic-specific presentations, worksheet materials, and ASQ resources to take learnings from this thought-leadership series back to their internal teams to improve performance.

As a capstone to the Ascend Virtual Workshops, the Excellence Roundtable (ERT) event is held during the month of November as ASQE’s celebration of World Quality Month.

ERT features the latest information from ASQE in addition to networking with ASQ Technical Community Member Leaders focused on the latest insights from the ASQE IoE research, which also provides the discussion topics for the roundtable breakout groups.

Providing events such as ERT where quality professionals and executives can connect on trending quality topics across industries, countries, and levels of expertise gives our members the unique opportunity to share knowledge in a more rapid, targeted way. By encouraging continuous learning and networking, this can assist for easier adaptation within companies to address transformative efforts with new means of thinking and understandings from a global perspective.

If you want to attend these events but aren’t yet an ASQE Organizational Member, explore the new ASQE Organizational Membership levels and join us today!

To help plan your participation, here is the 2022 Ascend Virtual Workshop schedule, held from 10:00am – 11:30am CDT:
  • January 19 – Special “Train the Trainer” workshop
  • March 9 – Encouraging continued education and development
  • May 4 – Driving digital literacy from leadership through the workforce
  • July 13 – Making the crucial connection between technology and quality processes
  • September 14 – Pursuing digital transformation in a targeted way
As a capstone to the Ascend Virtual Workshops, the Excellence Roundtable (ERT) event is held during the month of November as ASQE’s celebration of World Quality Month.

The 2022 ERT event will take place on November 9th, and consists of two parts:

  • Part 1 (9:00am – 10:00am CDT) – ASQE Welcome Session & Association Updates
    • Hear the latest updates from ASQE’s Board of Directors and Executive Leadership teams, followed by an informative session focused on the latest Insights on Excellence® research highlights.
  • Part 2 (10:30am – 12:30pm CDT) – Roundtable Discussions & Wrap-Up
    • Attendees participate in roundtable discussions on the key IoE takeaways and findings highlighted in the Part 1 keynote, supported by table captains from ASQ’s Technical Communities.

A key component of the Ascend Virtual Workshops and Excellence Roundtable (ERT) event are the ASQ Member Leader volunteers that serve as Table Captains for breakout discussions. Table Captains use their quality subject-matter expertise to bring the topic-focused conversations to life, supported with their familiarity of resources developed by ASQ’s Technical Communities.

These member-created resources provide both organizations and individuals with immediate means to tackle relevant issues and problems, further validated by the Insights on Excellence® research findings. Within each workshop, participants receive digital access to topic-specific presentations and worksheet materials, which enable them to take learnings from this thought leadership series back to their internal teams to improve performance.

This year’s Ascend Virtual Workshop series has been heavily supported by leaders from the Human Development & Leadership, Innovation, and Lean Enterprise Divisions.

Graphic image with text that reads "Member-Exclusive Events Engage & network with quality leaders across industries, bringing the IoE data to life."

“Here is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how ASQE and ASQ members can collaborate to increase member value. By attending Ascend Workshops, you can share thoughts and ideas on topics like focusing our technological tools to obtain the results we want. Your inputs will also be summarized and shared with ASQ technical communities. I have participated in three workshops this year, and they are wonderful opportunities for thought leadership and networking.”

“ASQE provides valuable resources that help us to serve our customers more effectively.”