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International Team Excellence Award


Rooted in quality history, the International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) program has a new look after 35 years of recognizing team achievements, with updates focused on improvements in business performance. ASQExcellence (ASQE) is pleased, that as of January 2020, the ITEA program is now a part of ASQE, a trade association serving a global membership of organizations. The mission of ASQE is to inspire excellence, providing programs and benefits such as ITEA to Organizational Members to serve this purpose.

Now that ITEA is a program and benefit within ASQE's Organizational Membership levels, this global performance recognition program directly supports key strategic initiatives such as advancing the field of quality and inspiring organizational excellence best practices. ASQE’s Organizational Membership is focused on four key areas of benefits, and ITEA is uniquely situated to assist in all of them:

  • Industry Benchmarking & Research
  • Quality Resources & Tools
  • Talent & Team Development
  • Engagement, Networking & Events

The ITEA program is temporarily on hold. It is being optimized to align with ASQE's benefits and will be coming back in 2023!

In the meantime, on behalf of ASQE, please enjoy the 2021-2022 ITEA Showcase recordings of two finalist teams from Samsonite and FedEx. The ITEA program recognizes and celebrates high-performing teams who epitomize ASQE’s mission to drive thought leadership and empower organizations to achieve excellence, and being a finalist is an impressive achievement. Thank you to all the teams who competed in the 2021-2022 ITEA cycle!

“ASQE's ITEA has always been a larger-than-life event with loads of learning. Participating and Winning at ASQE ITEA is a lifetime dream for many, and I am really proud and grateful that we were able to achieve that feat. A large community of Quality professionals coming together and sharing their experiences also makes ASQE a very special place to get to know evolving trends in the industry and get to know each other. Overall, the experience that ASQE provides has always been wonderful and we are happy to be part of the journey."

"By participating in the ITEA program our teams had an opportunity to benchmark the team performance against one of the highest international standards for quality improvement projects. This is a unique opportunity that allows the teams to recognize further improvement areas and build additional capabilities for future projects through detailed professional feedback from the jury team. Alcon is looking forward to leveraging the learnings and experience gained during the process. Additionally, the teams received great recognition for their excellent work!"

"By participating in the ITEA program, we had the opportunity to learn from so many excellent participators and benchmark ourselves with the best teams of the world. From the company standpoint, we can serve to make our team/business better and better by using the knowledge we learned. No doubt we will keep learning, participating, and utilizing ITEA processes going forward."