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2021 ASQ Quality 4.0 Summit

October 25 – 27, 2021 | Virtual

Quality 4.0: Advances, Adoption and Advocacy

The promise of Quality 4.0 has yet to be fully realized, but recent successes in efficiency, customer satisfaction, financial performance, and corporate culture point to a promising future for quality organizations on their journey to embrace it. At the 2021 Quality 4.0 Summit, attendees engaged in learning and networking activities to increase their understanding and awareness of the current state of 4.0 adoption, and what it means for their organizations, teams, and future as a quality professional.

No organization is immune to disruption, especially in a digital global community in which almost every function is connected and integrated. A company’s present-day response to digital transformation is a clear indicator of future and—more importantly—ongoing success, but not all organizations are able to immediately leverage the latest technology or application. Nevertheless, there are benefits in small-scale, tiered applications of 4.0 strategies as well as in broad, complex transformation initiatives.

At the 2021 Quality 4.0 Summit, attendees were immersed in discussions focused on effective ways to integrate the people, process, and technology of their organizations into an overall digital transformation strategy wherever they may be on their transformation journey.
Focus Areas


Learn what’s new in Quality 4.0-enabling technologies including IoT, machine learning, data processing, AI and automation, and what it means for your organization. Use cases provide awareness of real-world applications, benefits, and opportunities. 


Review processes, tools and techniques applied in Quality 4.0 initiatives, these sessions encompass change management, the increased use of digital tools, advanced analytics and the effective application of data and data analysis.


Explore the essential role quality individuals and teams play in adopting and leveraging new technologies, and tackle aspects of leadership, organizational culture, and customer care. Sessions in this area discuss how quality professionals can be an effective voice that makes case for quality in transformation initiatives.

2021 Quality 4.0 Summit Recordings

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